Personal . Photography . Stories

What do you want to tell about yourself and society? Tell it with pictures! How? We will find out together.

out of the box

What should you bring with you?

Most importantly, you should be up to expressing yourself through still/moving imags. Prior experience in video edting, image selection or layout are not necessary at all.

We want to question photos/videos together on a personal level, so sometimes very personal topics/experience come to light. We want to support each other to the best of our abilities and check how everybody is, but mainly it’s your own responsibility what and how much you want to share during the whole seminar.

What happens when?

The seminar consists of three all-day meetings on Saturdays, when the whole group meets and discusses their projects. Inbetween there are breaks of 2 weeks that you can use to work indipendently – and dates on Monday and Wednesday evenings, when you can get help and feedback on your works.

On the first Saturday we will get to know and you bring your ideas. Through creativity methods, the inspiration by other works and feedback of the other participants you will clarify your topic and develop an artistic concept. On the second Saturday, we as a group look at your pictures and start to select and combine images and collect further material (texts, interviews, documents etc.). On the last Satuday, we have a look on all finished works and reflect together on the personal and artistic process.

What are you going to get out?

  • find a form to comprehensibly express your personal vision on a topic through photography and/or film
  • networking and community with other people interested in photography and film, insight into other life realities
  • work on ideas buzzing around your head, and share them
  • learn how to give a new meaning to single images by their narrative combination
  • get out of your own comfort zone through photographic/cinematic tasks
  • relief by getting through old personal issues and progess by questioning your own view on the chosen topic



  • Full day (11am – 7 pm) meetings in the group on 9/11, 23/11, 7/12
  • In between individual coaching on 2 afternoons if needed.

For whom

Open for everybody of every age/origin/… ! Participation with donation.
No preliminary knowledge needed. You just need something that can take pictures. Interpretation is possible partly.


Stadtteilprojekt Dresdner Straße 59, Leipzig-Reudnitz


The workshop is full, unfortunately registration is not possible anymore.

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