In this workshop seminar you can find ways to express/explore your own issues through photography/film – You can adress very personal things/dreams/experiences or find a personal approach to a political issue.

What will happen when?

The seminar consists of three weekend blocks (with ca 16 hours each, from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon) with two breaks lasting several weeks.

On the first weekend, we will first get to know each other and gain insights into the approaches of different activists and artists and exchange our views about them. But mainly you will bring your ideas on which topic you want to research artistically by means of photography or film. You can also bring pictures that you collected – family albums, smartphone videos, screenshots, old movies, … You will elaborate on the topic and develop an artistic concept through creativity methods, the inspiration of other works and feedback from the other participants.

In the following weeks, you can independantly take pictures/videos, write some texts or collect other materials – if you want to, in collaboration or exchange with others from the group.

Then we meet again for an extended weekend session in order to talk about your first results, to answer questions on technical issues, working mehtods or ethics, and to get an impression of the work that is coming into being by seeing a temporary selection of images, clips and material.

Now you will have another few weeks to collect missing material and to work on your image selection / editing.

On the third weekend block we talk in detail about the combination of your material so that you can fine-tune it and, at the end, produce a rough version of your work, such as a book dummy, a slideshow, the first edit of a short film. Together we will then reflect the personal and photographic/filmic process. If you want to share your work with more people, you can later decide to participate in the workshop seminar »How To Publish«.


What should you bring to the seminar?

Mainly you should feel like expressing yourself through pictures/photos/videos. It is good if you have a more or less fixed idea on what you want to explore during the upcoming weeks, or bring a lot of pictures that you want to work with. Technical knowledge or skills are less important.
We want to question photographs/videos on a personal level and sometimes this will put very personal issues/experiences on the table. We want to support each other to the best of our abilities, and time and time again look after how everybody is. But mainly you are responsible yourself during the whole seminar on what and how much you want to share.

What do you get out of it?

  • find a form to comprehensibly express your personal perspective/vision on a topic that is important to you
  • networking and community with other people interested in photography and film
  • further artistic development
  • insight into other life realities
  • work on ideas buzzing around your head, and share them with the other participants
  • learn how to give a new meaning to single images by their narrative combination
  • get out of your own comfort zone through photographic/cinematic tasks
  • question your own view on the chosen topic
  • relief by getting through old personal issues with the help of the group and the workshop facilitators
  • self-empowerment by self-confidently sharing your own view on topics flawed with shame as an artistic product



3 extended weekends

  • Fri 17/8 — Sun 19/8 2018
  • Fri 31/8 — Sun 2/9 2018
  • Fri 28/9 — Sun 30/9 2018

Fri 17.00-20.00, Sat 10.00-18.00, Sun 10.00-15.00


Treibhaus Döbeln, Bahnhofstr. 56 / 04720 Döbeln




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Participant's contributions in solidarity

This workshop seminar is partly funded by Cultural Foundation of Saxony. This activity is co-financed by tax money on base of the budget agreed on by the deputees of the Saxonian Landtag.

In order to cover the rest of the costs, we ask you – depending on how much money you have available – to pay a participant's contribution between 10 € and 30 € (for all 3 weekends). If you can't pay that, please register anyway and we will find a solution.


Special needs, questions etc.



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