Workshop seminars

In our workshop seminars »« we want to empower you to research and express issues, which are close to you, through photography and film. Nowadays where everyone is taking pictures all the time,  we face a constantly growing picture overkill. In this era we think it’s important that more and more people learn to be responsible and aware in the handling of pictures. »Personal Photography« in terms of the research of one’s own wishes, dreams and issues is an important part of our own artistic work. We accompany you through creative coaching to adopt this approach for yourself.


laboro ergo sum

»laboro ergo sum« is an Erasmus+ exchange project between adi Leipzig in cooperation with and the cultural centre Centro di Palmetta from Terni, Italy in cooperation with the video lab blob.lgc. For two weeks we want to explore the subject of “labour” by means of photography and film. Which views and experiences do you connect with “labour”? Which differences and similiarities are there between our cultural environments and worlds? In small groups we want to process the new ideas and impressions creatively. And after all we also want to spend a nice time and grow together as a group.

1st encounter: in Leipzig, Germany. planned for April 2019
2nd encounter: in Terni, Italy. Planned for Fall 2019

laboro ergo sum
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