Workshops and seminars

In our workshop seminars “” we want to empower you to use photography and film for the exploration and expression of topics that are close to you and burning under your nails. In a time when everyone is constantly taking pictures anyway, whether with a smartphone for the digital picture frame or oldschool on film, and we are exposed to a growing “flood of pictures”, we think it is important that more people learn how to handle pictures responsibly and consciously. “Personal Photography” in the sense of exploring our own wishes, dreams and themes is an important part of our own artistic work. We accompany you in a kind of creative coaching to acquire these approaches and to use them for yourself.

Current formats

Crashkurs Dokumentarfotografie

In four sessions we want to give an understanding of the strategies of documentary photography. It will be about fly-on-the-wall-like photography, documenting places, portrait with Available Light and Storytelling in photography. You can ask questions directly and exchange ideas with us about the respective topic. In addition, we will provide you with tasks in between the online meetings, which you can take pictures of to gain direct practical experience on the topic.

This workshop will for now only take place in German, sorry.

With photo projects it easily happens that you get lost in one direction, get stuck somehow, lose the overview or simply need a fresh view from outside. With this programme we support you through one-to-one sessions with your documentary, journalistic and artistic photo projects. The focus is entirely on developing and implementing your own ideas, at your own pace and according to your wishes and needs.

We, as graduated documentary photographers with experience from a variety of our own projects and workshops, will advise you in all phases of your project – no matter if you are undecided about which idea you want to realize, if you are looking for inspiration for an approach or if you are unsure how to proceed. If you have technical questions or need help with the selection of images, the layout of a photo book or the conception of an exhibition, we are also happy to be your consultant.


In keeping with the current situation, the three dates of the seminar will deal with personal and social crises. In a small group we want to exchange ideas and experiences with the help of our own photographs and videos.

Unfortunately the workshop will only be in German.

Completed Workshops

  • 2019/10 Youth Exchange »laboro ergo sum #2« at Circolo ArciRagazzi Gli Anni in Tasca, Terni, Italien
  • 2019/04 Youth Exchange »laboro ergo sum« with Autodidaktische Initiative e.V., Leipzig
  • 2019/02-04 Workshop »out of the box« in Stadtteilprojekt Dresdner59, Leipzig-Reudnitz
  • 2018/10-12 Workshop »How to Publish« in Pöge-Haus e.V., Leipzig-Neustadt-Neuschönefeld
  • 2018/08-09 Workshop »« in Treibhaus e.V., Döbeln
  • 2018/08 Seminars about racism-critical photography during volunteer services, Evangelisch–Lutherisches Missionswerk Leipzig e.V.
  • 2018/07 Workshop »out of the box« in kunZstoffe – urbane Ideenwerkstatt e.V., Leipzig-Lindenau
  • 2018/06 Start of the continual lab »Foto, Film & Pizza« in our own space, Leipzig-Kleinzschocher
  • 2018/02 Zine Workshop »born to work« in the Autodidaktische Initiative e. V., Leipzig-Lindenau
  • 2017/11 Zine Workshop »the personal is political« in the Autodidaktische Initiative e. V., Leipzig-Lindenau
  • 2017/11 Crash course »The documentary portrait«, Leipzig-Plagwitz
  • 2017/08 Zine Workshop »Good material for a story« in Dorf der Jugend through the Spurensuche federal programm, Grimma
  • 2017/04 Start of the monthly »Idea Lab« with former workshop participants, Leipzig
  • 2017/03 Workshop »out of the box« in krudebude e.V., Leipzig-Schönefeld
  • 2017/01 Theory seminar »How can photography be political?« in the Autodidaktische Initiative e. V., Leipzig-Lindenau
  • 2016/04 Workshop »sharing unofficial pictures« in krudebude e.V., Leipzig-Schönefeld
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