Workshop seminars

In our workshop seminars »« we want to empower you to research and express issues, which are close to you, through photography and film. Nowadays where everyone is taking pictures all the time,  we face a constantly growing picture overkill. In this era we think it’s important that more and more people learn to be responsible and aware in the handling of pictures. »Personal Photography« in terms of the research of one’s own wishes, dreams and issues is an important part of our own artistic work. We accompany you through creative coaching to adopt this approach for yourself.


Personal . Photography . Stories

In this workshop seminar you can find ways to express/explore your own issues through photography/film – You can adress very personal things/dreams/experiences or find a personal approach to a political issue. 

Out of the box

Here you can release your existing pictures (e.g. unfinished photo projects, holiday pictures, mobile phone videos or re-discovered family albums) from your hard disks and drawers. Together we will focus on what the images mean to you and how you can combine them to a work of art.

How To Publish

With the workshop »How To Publish« we want to create a working space in which we can have a closer look at our photography/video works recently created, to fine-tune them and to present them to a wider public together. Anybody who was (almost) finished works with a personal approach/topic in the drawer can participate. At the end we will exhibit all our works in a self-chosen form in one big final exhibition.

Photo, Film & Pizza

For half a year, you can come along every third* Wednesday or Thursday in our studio, bring your topics, ideas or existing images and work on your personal/political photo/film projects. We help you with the concept, the image/clip selection, questions about ethics and publication — and you can use our large format printer and negative scanner. Afterwards we can sit together with pizza & co. One semester consists of eight sessions in order to offer constant feedback for your work.

Foto, Film & Pizza


Personal . Photography . Stories

9/11, 23/11, 7/12
in Dresdner Straße 59, Leipzig-Reudnitz
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