Workshop seminar »how to publish« starting at the end of October – exhibition in January

Our 2018 series of workshop seminars is entering the final round with »how to publish« and we are excited for your moving and still images! On three weekends between October and December we want to look for a publication format that fits your (almost) finished photo and film projects. At the end we will design a group exhibition together and realize it in January in Pöge-Haus (and maybe also in public space). You can again choose your participant’s contribution yourself, we got funding for simultaneous interpretation from the city and want to offer child care if necessary. So if you think: “oh yes! I want to, but …”, please write us and we’ll hopefully find a solution.

Enrol until 19 October at

Workshop: Fri 26 — Sun 28/10 | Fri 9 — Sun 11/11 | Fri 30/11 — Sun 2/12/2018
Vernissage: Sat 5/1/2019 | Exhibition: Sun 6 — Sun 13/1/2019
Place: Pöge-Haus e.V., Hedwigstraße 20, 04315 Leipzig-Neustadt-Neuschönefeld

This is City Plaza

This is City Plaza
Together / A story of appropriation

A Hotel, 6 years of vacancy.
Looked out for and occupied.
126 rooms. 350 people.

Frieder’s photographs are describing a place, that is more than a home for its inhabitants. Together they struggle, dance, clean, live. Politics and daily life go hand in hand here.

We are very happy to be able to show the images during this year’s LindeNow – festival for non-commercial art spaces – and about the wonderful cooperation with Isaak Broder from BB Labor.

Opening hours:
05 October: 6 – 11 pm
06 October: 3 – 10 pm
07 October: 3 – 8 pm
12 October: 5 – 8 pm
13 October: 11 am – 3 pm
14 October: 3 – 7 pm

Vernissage: 05 October, 6 pm
Artist talk: 07 October, 7 pm
Finissage: 14 October, 6 pm

BB Labor, Demmeringstraße 21, Leipzig-Lindenau.

Workshop seminars starting in June

In June, our workshop seminars »« will finally start! On three weekends in June and July you can join the »Personal cinematic-photographic researches« – simply come along with your topics/ideas and realize them with the help of our creative coaching.
On two weekends in end of July / beginning of August, you can participate in »out of the box« with your image/video collections – together we will transform them into personal/political projects. On three weekends between October and December, »how to publish« will be about finding a coherent format for publication, which we will test in a group exhibition afterwards. We are actually really excited about who will participate this time and about the topics that will be layed on the table! Currently we are working on getting funding for interpretation for all workshops and to get the publicity translated, but if you have friends who don’t speak German or English well, you can already tell them about it.

As you might have heard: We want to live from our work and therefore we ask for participant’s contributions. Though we don’t want to exclude anybody from participating, that’s why you can choose yourself how much you want to pay. The idea is that people who have more give more, allowing the participation to people with less income. On our website, we give you can idea of how much we think would be appropriate in respect to the income that you have freely available for yourself every month.

Overview of the dates:
– »Personal cinematic-photographic researches« 15 – 17/6 & 29/6 – 1/7 & 13 – 15/7 in Dresdner59, Leipzig-Reudnitz; as well as 31/8 – 2/9 & 28 – 30/9 & 12 – 14/10 in Treibhaus Döbeln
– »out of the box« 20–22/7 & 3–5/8 in KunzStoffe, Leipzig-Lindenau
– »how to publish« 26 – 28/10 & 9 – 11/11 & 30/11 – 2/12 in Pöge-Haus, Leipzig-Neustadt-Neuschönefeld

Further information and subscription at

Photo, Film & Pizza

For all of you who have more free time on the evenings of weekdays and who wish for a long-term support, we start the new format »Photo, Film & Pizza« also on the end of June. For half a year, you can come along approx. every third Wednesday or Thursday in our studio, bring your topics, ideas or existing images and work on your personal/political photo/film projects. We help you with the concept, the image/clip selection, questions about ethics and publication — and you can use our large format printer and negative scanner. Afterwards we can sit together with pizza & co. One semester consists of eight sessions in order to offer constant feedback for your work. Again, you can find further information and the subscription link at

27 / 28 June, 18 / 19 July, 15 / 16 August, 5 / 6 September, 3 / 4 October, 24 / 25 October, 14 / 15 November, 5 / 6 December (you choose between Wednesday group and Thursday group)

Exchange project »Laboro ergo sum – I work, therefore I am?«

Together with friends from autodidaktische Initiative (adi) we are organising a big exchange project on the topic of »labour«. If everything goes well with the funding, a group from the (post-)industrial city Terni in Central Italy will come to Leipzig from 12 to 25 September and we will go there in spring, talking about Personal, Local, Political and Utopian around the subject and, after all, creating little photo and film projects in small groups or individually. The results of the first round we want to exhibit in October during LindeNOW, the festival of self-organized non-commercial art spaces in Leipzig-Lindenau.
As for all of our workshops, neither equipment nor previous knowledge are required, and if necessary we will organize a short English course before. The participant’s contribution (incl. food) is 25-75 € according to self-estimation. For more infomation check out the project website at, write an email to the preparation team at or come to the preparation workshop on 7 July in the adi! Deadline for registration will be on 15 July.

Everything new on our website

As we have announced for a long time, we completely relaunched our website and will fill it with more content during the next months, namely adding a shop, our offers for organisations, companies and groups and after all the projects that we want to share with you. And yes, we will also translate it to English. If you have any feedback on the site or if something doesn’t work on your device, we’ll be happy to get an email! Thanks!

Info events »laboro ergo sum – I work therefore I am?«

Together with the autodidactic initiative from Leipzig and Centro di Palmetta from Terni, Italy we invite you for a big exchange! In September we want to meet for 13 days and use PHOTOGRAPHY &FILM to reflect about WORK – the political dimension as well as personal experiences. Through a constant exchange you can create group projects or individual projects. We will also do little tours and interview people about their work experience. At the end we want to create a poster campaign and a website with our works.
Interested? We want to hold three info events to talk about our ideas and your needs:

4th April 18:30 Social Impact Lab, Weißenfelser Straße 65H (Plagwitz)
5th April 18:30 dresdner59, Dresdner Str. 59 (Reudnitz)
5th April 18:30 Haus Steinstraße, Steinstraße 18 (Südvorstadt)

The information events will be in German (translation to English possible), the exchange will be in English with the possibility to organize language courses before or interpretation during the exchange.

For more information contact

upcoming workshop series

In June we start our new workshop series We want to connect people with different backgrounds to bring them closer to photography and film as your tool to explore, express and publish your personal subjects. In these four different workshops you can attain clearity for yourself and emotional release – depending on which personal topic you want to work on. Through that you also will be able to be recognized as a visual author in a social discourse.

In the workshop seminars »out of the box« and »personal cinematic/photographic explorations« you can use 2 and 3 weekends respectively to transform your ideas and images into little personal projects that first will be shown and reflected upon in the group. The workshop »how to publish« which conludes the year offers a space to find a format together which fits the publication of the projects.

If you are interested, you can already mark these dates in your calendars:
– »personal cinematic/photographic explorations«
15-17/6 & 29/6-1/7 & 13-15/7 in Dresdner59;
31/8-2/9 & 28-30/9 & 12-14/10 in Treibhaus Döbeln
– »out of the box«
20-22/7 & 3-5/8 in KunzStoffe
– »how to publish«
26-28/10 & 9-11/11 & 30/11-2/12 in Pöge-Haus

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