Old and new pictures from Suhl-Nord

A lot has happened in our Suhl-Nord project. In July we had invited to a street party in front of our association room. We were happy how many former and current residents came to our first event and how much positive feedback we got. There were small workshops, food and drinks and most of all many conversations, all thanks to the support of other associations, interpreters and helpers and the funding by the Fonds Soziokultur and the Heidehof Stiftung.
At the beginning of September, we also started our newspaper workshop. We are having a lot of fun ourselves talking about the district and photography with the emerging group, eating pizza and taking pictures together. In the meantime, we have already met for a second weekend and everyone has their own ideas about how they want to explore Suhl-Nord with photos, texts, interviews, maps, objects and more. Partly we also work with the pictures and stories that other residents have already brought to us or sent us by mail.
One of these neighbors suddenly came into the workshop at the last meeting and asked if we already had such a newspaper ready. Unfortunately, we had to put her off until the end of the year, but it was nice to hear that the result is already awaited!

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