Individual project coaching

With photo projects it easily happens that you get lost in one direction, get stuck somehow, lose the overview or simply need a fresh view from outside. With this programme we support you through one-to-one sessions with your documentary, journalistic and artistic photo projects. The focus is entirely on developing and implementing your own ideas, at your own pace and according to your wishes and needs.

We, as graduated documentary photographers with experience from a variety of our own projects and workshops, will advise you in all phases of your project – no matter if you are undecided about which idea you want to realize, if you are looking for inspiration for an approach or if you are unsure how to proceed. If you have technical questions or need help with the selection of images, the layout of a photo book or the conception of an exhibition, we are also happy to be your consultant.


1 preliminary talk of 30 minutes

any number of appointments of 90 minutes each

currently only online

What are you going to get out of it?

  • finding a way to express your personal view on a topic through photography – comprehensible for others
  • possible relief by coming to terms with old personal issues and further development by questioning one’s own view on the selected topic
  • work concretely on ideas floating around in your head and share them with others
  • learn to give new meaning to individual images through narrative combination
  • get yourself out of the comfort zone through photographic/filming tasks
  • discuss all questions that arise during any phase of the project with professionals

Is that something for you?

In general, if you feel like expressing yourself with the help of photographs, you are in the right place. Prior experience is not necessary, we adapt to your level of knowledge.

If you wish, we would also like to explore your photos on a personal level. Sometimes disturbing themes/experiences come up. We want to support you as much as we can and take care how you are doing, but most of all you are responsible for what and how much you want to share. We accompany your process of expressing yourself through images, especially through empathy and our experiences.

In the current situation we have decided to offer this consultation and other workshops online. You need a smartphone/tablet or a computer with webcam & microphone and a web browser that supports the open standard “WebRTC”. This works for example in the current versions of Firefox and Chromium or Chrome. We should be able to see your pictures, for that you share your screen or upload the pictures to our cloud. In any case, the transfer is encrypted, so if you have any questions about the details, please contact us.

What does it cost?

It is important to us that our offers are accessible regardless of income. On the other hand we want to be able to live from our work. Therefore we decided to take a fixed price for the project support – but if you can’t pay it, please write us an email or we will talk about it in a preliminary talk.

For a single session (90 minutes) we charge 75€, if we are both present 130€.
If you decide to have 5 sessions at once, it will cost you 300€ (or 500€ with both of us).
The fee is due if you decide to take one of these packages after the preliminary talk.


What happens when?

If you are interested in a consultation, we would be happy to have a free preliminary talk with you (max. 30 minutes) to get to know you and to check together what you need and how many appointments we would need, whether everything works with the technics and of course if you have any questions.

If you then decide to book the project support, you can determine the number and frequency of the consultation appointments yourself. Depending on the phase of the project, you will need more or less input from us. Each session should last about 90 minutes.

You can decide whether you want to book appointments with one of us or with both of us together to get one more opinion.

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