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In June we start our new workshop series sharing.unofficial.pictures. We want to connect people with different backgrounds to bring them closer to photography and film as your tool to explore, express and publish your personal subjects. In these four different workshops you can attain clearity for yourself and emotional release – depending on which personal topic you want to work on. Through that you also will be able to be recognized as a visual author in a social discourse.

In the workshop seminars »out of the box« and »personal cinematic/photographic explorations« you can use 2 and 3 weekends respectively to transform your ideas and images into little personal projects that first will be shown and reflected upon in the group. The workshop »how to publish« which conludes the year offers a space to find a format together which fits the publication of the projects.

If you are interested, you can already mark these dates in your calendars:
– »personal cinematic/photographic explorations«
15-17/6 & 29/6-1/7 & 13-15/7 in Dresdner59;
31/8-2/9 & 28-30/9 & 12-14/10 in Treibhaus Döbeln
– »out of the box«
20-22/7 & 3-5/8 in KunzStoffe
– »how to publish«
26-28/10 & 9-11/11 & 30/11-2/12 in Pöge-Haus

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