Suhl-Nord – From our point of view. Issue 2



40 p., numerous color and b/w illustrations
Offset printed newspaper, 31.5 x 47 cm
1st edition, 2000 copies. Suhl 2023
Language: German

Free of charge. Donations are welcome.

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Since summer 2022, e.V. has been encouraging old and new residents of the Suhl-Nord district to come together and share their personal perspectives. With this socio-cultural project, we want to challenge preconceptions about the neighborhood and paint a more nuanced picture.

About a year after the first photo-text newspaper “Suhl-Nord – From our point of view”, the second edition was created in a workshop in the fall and winter. Under the guidance of Luisa Bäde and Rafael Brix, four people who have either lived, currently live, work or are interested in Suhl-Nord have pursued their very personal perspectives and interests and brought them into form in pictures and text on 40 pages.

Desireé Röhlig uses many satirical classified ads to deal with the decline of the residential area in which she herself grew up. Kristin Neubecker staged herself in various empty spaces in Suhl-Nord, creating a visual story about hope and leaving that can also stand for other places – she herself grew up in Hoyerswerda, where the new town underwent a similar development to Suhl-Nord. In a personal text, Sami Said reports on everyday racist life in Suhl – and that the relatively empty Suhl-Nord is a place of retreat for him. That is why his photos of places where something happened to him do not show Suhl-Nord. Finally, Frieda Müller documented both the results and the process of some difficult research. She wanted to find out who Klaus-Peter Kühn was, who was murdered at his home in Suhl-Nord in 2012. As a second project, she also set up a place where people can mourn the disappearance of the neighborhood.

The development of this newspaper in a workshop and its printing were funded by the Thuringian State Chancellery. Nevertheless, we as an association incur costs for
rooms, website, bookkeeping etc. We are therefore very happy to receive donations.

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