We are opening a Community Art Center and are looking for … maybe you?

Even if it still looks wild now, we want to open the Community Art Center Suhl under our direction in these premises once the renovation is complete in spring 2024. Community art is art for dialog and change on topics that concern the local community. This means that we will invite even more artists from other disciplines to engage with Suhl. All of this is made possible by funding from the Freudenberg Foundation, which is collaborating with the Kunst & Demokratie association to take the COMMUNITY art CENTER mannheim concept out into the world. They are supporting us and two other locations financially and by providing advice.

With so many new projects, we would also be delighted to have some support in Suhl. There is still a vacant volunteer position available there, which has recently been extended with the opportunity to stay in our association’s own apartment for the duration of the volunteer service. You can find more information about it on our website. Just send us an e-mail if you are interested – and please spread the word!

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