A look back at the traveling exhibition

Together with Bea Nielsen, Isaak Broder, Julia Peters, Sophie Stephan and Paul Altmann we started after a long time of preparation on August 18th our touring exhibition “Kein schöner ____ in dieser Zeit” to Döbeln, Weißwasser, Annaberg-Buchholz and Hoyerswerda. Our idea was to exhibit in public spaces and thus, around the state elections in Saxony, to get into conversation with people we otherwise would not reach with our various activities in Leipzig. And the concept worked out perfectly! In every city we had exciting conversations and insights into biographies and life realities. Frieder has the encounter with Thomas in Weißwasser especially present. On three different days – often for several hours – he came to us again and again and sought the exchange. He was concerned about the dramatic gains of the right-wing extremist AfD and said that without the exhibition he would not have so much contact with people like “us”. We talked about the structural change in Lusatia, everyday racism in Leipzig and about the question of how we as a society want to and can live together.

None of this would have happened without the great support of our cooperation partners SKZ Telux in Weißwasser, Lichtfabrik e.V. and Salon West in Annaberg, Kulturfabrik e.V. in Hoyerswerda. With riesa efau from Dresden we were able to develop the educational programmes for the individual stations of the touring exhibition – thank you for your feedback and support during the planning phase! The Treibhaus Döbeln e.V. relieved us of a lot of work as the main organisation of the touring exhibition and was elementary for us as a project partner – thank you!

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