Crowdfunding start for the second issue of our newspaper

Our newspaper »Dangerous object: Eisenbahnstraße« is a documentary but side taking research on the conditions in the neighbourhood around Eisenbahnstraße in the east of Leipzig. The first so called “weapon free zone” of the federal state Saxony has been established here in 2018. We had long conversations with local residents, we took black & white pictures of special locations in the quarter with our large format camera and pixelated all people on our bodycam shots – except for the police. After all, everyone is suspicious in such a zone … We published the 48-pages newspaper in August 2019.

Now we want to create a second issue. We think that there are perspectives from the neighbourhood that are missing in the discourse and should be published. In addition, we want to focus on the connections between so-called “dangerous places” and ousting and examine these more closely on site.

To finance the second edition we need your help! This Thursday, January 23rd we will start our crowdfunding which will continue until February 23rd.

The crowdfunding will be accompanied by three events to which we cordially invite you:
+ Reading and World Café to start the campaign: Thursday 23 January 6pm at Pöge-Haus, Hedwigstr. 20, Leipzig. We will read from the newspaper with drinks and pastries, and afterwards we will talk in small groups.
+ Reading and talk on Friday 14.2 from 20.00 in adi, Georg-Schwarz-Str. 19, Leipzig-Lindenau
+ Reading and talk on Wednesday 19.2. from 19.00 at el libro, Bornaische Straße 3d, Leipzig-Connewitz

In case you want to have a look at the first issue of our newspaper “Gefährlicher Gegenstand: Eisenbahnstraße” before you decide to order the second issue, you can browse through it with us here:

Some committed Leipzig art house cinemas also support the project by showing a shortened project film as a trailer before their screenings. Many thanks to Luru Kino in der Spinnerei, Ost-Passage Theater, Cineding Leipzig and Cinémathèque Leipzig e.V.!

At you will always find the latest information about the newspaper and crowdfunding. We would be very happy if you could support us! You can choose from lots of rewards: newspapers, hand prints and workshops.

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