Dangerous object: Eisenbahnstraße #2

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48p., numerous colour and b/w illustrations
Offset print Newspaper, 32 x 48 cm
1st edition, Leipzig 2020
Language: German

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Our newspaper “Dangerous Object: Eisenbahnstraße” is a documentary and side-taking investigation of the situation in the area around Eisenbahnstraße in the east of Leipzig, where a weapons ban zone was introduced in 2018. We published a 2nd edition of the newspaper, since important voices from the neighbourhood and certain aspects in the discourse were still missing. The new issue will again be for free and thus accessible to all, independent of income.

In August 2019, we published the photo newspaper “Dangerous Object: Eisenbahnstraße”, in which we counter the stigma of “the worst street in Germany” (ProSieben) with a differentiated critical picture. For this purpose, we held long conversations with residents, used video stills from relevant TV documentaries and our own bodycam recordings and photographed special places in the neighbourhood with a large-format camera. Thereby, we want to complement the image of the neighbourhood and counter those media reports and portrayals by the police with voices from the neighbourhood.

After a successful crowdfunding in January and February, we want to publish a second edition now. It will include further conversations with residents: We want to ask if they feel safe in the neighbourhood, how the weapons ban zone affects their everyday life and what they would like to see in in general for the life together in the neighbourhood.
In the new issue, we particularly want to give priority to the links between so-called dangerous places and displacement. To this end, we will do more research on the experiences with such processes in other cities, bring them up in our conversations and use the large-format camera to shift our focus to those places where these links have already become apparent, such as on the last wastelands in the neighbourhood. We will also continue to use the body cam and social networks to search for images that shed light on these links.

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