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Dangerous subject: Eisenbahnstraße #1

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48p., numerous colour and b/w illustrations
Offset print Newspaper, 32 x 48 cm
1st edition, Leipzig 2019
Language: German

Free prize. We want the newspaper to be accessible to everyone, but we also want to recover at least the material & printing costs through the sale. Think about how much you can give and enter this as your chosen price.

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Our newspaper “Dangerous Object: Eisenbahnstraße” is a documentary and side-taking investigation of the situation in the area around Eisenbahnstraße in the east of Leipzig, where a weapons ban zone was introduced in 2018.

Since November 2018, the situation in the area around Eisenbahnstraße in the east of Leipzig has “finally been defused” – according to the BILD newspaper. This is where the first weapons ban zone in Saxony was established. Even before this, the police were allowed to carry out random controls in this “dangerous place”. Prohibition signs have now been erected around the area and there is a fine of up to 10.000€ for carrying weapons, as well as up to 1.000€ for carrying “dangerous objects”.

But the Eisenbahnstraße is also a dangerous object for any journalistic, documentary, artistic investigation. It seems impossible to take and show pictures with an unbiased view. The images are too much cemented in our minds, since Eisenbahnstraße has been in the headlines for years as a result of brawls, shootings, drug trafficking, knife attacks. Often, these acts are diffusely attributed to non-German or People of Colour.

In August 2019, we published the photo newspaper “Dangerous Object: Eisenbahnstraße”, in which we counter the stigma of “the worst street in Germany” (ProSieben) with a differentiated critical picture. For this purpose, we held long conversations with residents, used video stills from relevant TV documentaries and our own bodycam recordings and photographed special places in the neighbourhood with a large-format camera. Thereby, we want to complement the image of the neighbourhood and counter those media reports and portrayals by the police with voices from the neighbourhood.

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