“Dangerous object: Eisenbahnstraße” in the media

The media interest in our project is already quite high, we are happy about that!

(Unfortunately all reports are in German.)

On the very first day of the campaign Frieder was interviewed by Radio Corax.

Sibel Schick later invited us to talk to her for the kreuzer – thanks for the interest and the conversation! You can read the interview, which is also about our motivations on their website.

On Radio Blau we talked about the project for more than 20 minutes.

We also had a short interview at Radio Mephisto, but it is not archived.

And also the Leipzig (Internet) Paper reported extensively about our project and our criticism of the official evaluation of the weapons ban zone.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Felix Koltermann gave us a platform with a takeover: “I am very happy that the guys from Unofficial Pictures take over my Instagram account Newsprint Photobook this week in order to show their latest Newsprint Photobook and promote their current crowdfunding.”

Photo: our reading at the Pöge-Haus for the crowdfunding launch.

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