Suhl-Nord newspaper is going well – exhibition starting in May

Already on the 30th of November of the year that has come to an end, Carlotta, Frieder and Rafael, together with the five participants of the workshop in the Suhl-Nord project, were able to present the newspaper that was created in the process – many thanks to the band without a name that spiced up the evening. The Kulturbaustelle Suhl was filled almost to the last seat and since a report in the local newspaper Freies Wort many more people asked for a newspaper there. And although we should have put a newspaper in the mailbox of all residents of Suhl-Nord, even now, on sunny days, several copies are still going away in front of our office. But we were also thrilled how motivated all participants stayed with the project and that we created such an exciting print product with so many different photographic and textual approaches in such a short time together. Big thanks also to Büro 222, who put the finishing touches on the layout.

“Suhl-Nord – From our point of view” has 48 pages, a lot of old and new pictures and the Berliner newspaper format, which we already loved at the Eisenbahnstraße newspaper. On the project website the newspaper can be ordered for shipping costs, and there you can also get an impression in an online version and read Ukrainian translations. The translations are not perfect yet. If you would like to help us – paid, of course – with the proofreading, feel free to contact us.

We also finally have a permit for the long-planned open-air exhibition in Suhl-Nord. Where today’s meadows only hint that many people once lived there, we want to create a collective memory in public space. It should start in May!

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