English translation of »Dangerous Object: Eisenbahnstraße«

Eisenbahnstraße in Leipzig? The media have been full of racist and classist clichés about it for years. And as if to officially confirm this stigmatization, Saxony’s first weapons ban zone was introduced here in November 2018.
We thought: this sucks! And we interviewed residents from the adjacent neighborhoods. We published these interviews together with other texts and many of our own photos in two issues of our newspaper “Dangerous Object: Eisenbahnstraße” – to show: Eisenbahnstraße is much more! And the problems that exist here are more complex than BILD or ProSieben want to tell us.
Dedicated translators have been working on it for a long time, so that you can now read it not only in German, but also in Russian, Arabic, Turkish and English! From today until March 1 you can pick up your copy from the silent sellers at the Skateplatz in Rabet and leave a price of your choice. Or you can order it online via our webshop.

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