Workshop seminars starting in June

In June, our workshop seminars »« will finally start! On three weekends in June and July you can join the »Personal cinematic-photographic researches« – simply come along with your topics/ideas and realize them with the help of our creative coaching.
On two weekends in end of July / beginning of August, you can participate in »out of the box« with your image/video collections – together we will transform them into personal/political projects. On three weekends between October and December, »how to publish« will be about finding a coherent format for publication, which we will test in a group exhibition afterwards. We are actually really excited about who will participate this time and about the topics that will be layed on the table! Currently we are working on getting funding for interpretation for all workshops and to get the publicity translated, but if you have friends who don’t speak German or English well, you can already tell them about it.

As you might have heard: We want to live from our work and therefore we ask for participant’s contributions. Though we don’t want to exclude anybody from participating, that’s why you can choose yourself how much you want to pay. The idea is that people who have more give more, allowing the participation to people with less income. On our website, we give you can idea of how much we think would be appropriate in respect to the income that you have freely available for yourself every month.

Overview of the dates:
– »Personal cinematic-photographic researches« 15 – 17/6 & 29/6 – 1/7 & 13 – 15/7 in Dresdner59, Leipzig-Reudnitz; as well as 31/8 – 2/9 & 28 – 30/9 & 12 – 14/10 in Treibhaus Döbeln
– »out of the box« 20–22/7 & 3–5/8 in KunzStoffe, Leipzig-Lindenau
– »how to publish« 26 – 28/10 & 9 – 11/11 & 30/11 – 2/12 in Pöge-Haus, Leipzig-Neustadt-Neuschönefeld

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